Welcome to Damorie Construction

Justin D’Amato and Matt Gregoire are dedicated and hardworking individuals.  They both strive for perfection.   With Justin’s 9 years of experience as a machine operator and plumber combined with Matt’s knowledge of business and marketing and strong work ethic, they decided to establish a company together in 2008, Damorie Construction, LLC.

Justin and Matt started doing work for remodeling contractors handling all plumbing aspects of the jobs.  From there, they grew to take on bigger projects with local homebuilders doing all exterior plumbing/utility work for new builds.  At that time, numerous employees, large equipment, and construction vehicles were added to the business.

With the background knowledge, equipment, and current resources, Justin and Matt have grown to take on large commercial jobs.  They started doing site work, fire and domestic water services, sewer mains and laterals, and drainage work while continuing to do the smaller plumbing jobs.  With over 6 years of professional quality work, attention to detail, and perseverance, Damorie Construction, LLC, can handle all your plumbing needs whether it is large or small.

Contact Justin D’Amato at 716-984-0202 or Matt Gregoire at 716-440-6068.

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