• Points Registration Fee:  $50 Annually per Driver
    • All participants must be registered for points series to participate at an event
  • Points are awarded to the driver, not the car
  • Co-drivers ARE permitted
  • Only ONE co-driver per points member
  • Co-driver fee is $50
    • Co-driver registration must be complete prior to the start of eliminations of Race #3 (currently July 16, 2016)
    • If more than one driver is present at an event, the points earning driver must be declared PRIOR to the start of eliminations for that particular event
Attendance Points:  60
Points per Round Win:  20

Qualifying Bonus Points

Qualifying Position

Overall series points will be calculated using best 7 out of 8 races

  • If an event is not contested (rain, etc.), points will be calculated on best 6 out of 7 races instead of 7 out of 8, etc.

Bonus Points for Attending Maximum Possible Points Earning Races:  20

Point Standings Tiebreakers:

  • Event Wins
  • Head-to-Head Record
  • Event Runner-Ups
  • Round Wins
  • Number of Times #1 Qualifier

A link to the final 2014 & 2015 WNYSRA points standings in .PDF format can be found here:

Final 2014 WNYSRA Points Standings

Final 2015 WNYSRA Points Standings

PositionDriverJan-Cen Motorsports Event #1Uncle Bob's Self Storage Event #2BRK Machine & Performance Event #3Autos Direct of Buffalo Event #4Banner Engineering Event #5Banner Engineering Event #6Tread City Tire & Wheel Event #7Tread City Tire & Wheel FinalsMax. Points
Races Bonus
1Jon Pellicane140651608000000445
2Harry Phelps122136616500000384
3John Cira1206010010000000380
4Doug Lynden96100806000000336
5Vince Gregoire83102656000000310
6Tony Fabiano8081806300000304
7Tommy Allen0140608000000280
8Jason Oldfield6080606200000262
9Kirk Parry6060608100000261
10Eric Macchiaroli0014012000000260
11Andrew Stirk0010015600000256
12Lance Pinto6560626000000247
13Bill Elekes6060120000000240
14Len Oleksy08096000000176
15Corinne MacMillan61630000000124
16Harris Phelps008300000083
17Craig Williams006000000060
Jack Schnitzer006000000060