• Points Registration Fee:  $75 Annually per Driver
    • All participants must be registered for points series to participate at an event
  • Points are awarded to the driver, not the car
  • Co-drivers ARE permitted
  • Only ONE co-driver per points member
  • Co-driver fee is $75
    • Co-driver registration must be complete prior to the start of eliminations of Race #3 (currently September 2, 2017)
    • If more than one driver is present at an event, the points earning driver must be declared PRIOR to the start of eliminations for that particular event
Attendance Points:  60
Points per Round Win:  20

Qualifying Bonus Points

Qualifying Position

Overall series points will be calculated using best 5 out of 6 races

  • If an event is not contested (rain, etc.), points will be calculated on best 4 out of 5 races instead of 5 out of 6, etc.

Bonus Points for Attending Maximum Possible Points Earning Races:  20

Point Standings Tiebreakers:

  • Event Wins
  • Head-to-Head Record
  • Event Runner-Ups
  • Round Wins
  • Number of Times #1 Qualifier

A link to the final 2014 – 2016 WNYSRA points standings in .PDF format can be found here:

Final 2014 WNYSRA Points Standings
Final 2015 WNYSRA Points Standings
Final 2016 WNYSRA Points Standings

PositionDriverBanner Engineering Event #1Life Storage Event #2Life Storage Event #3D'Amorie Construction Event #4Tread City Tire Event #5Tread City Tire FinalsTotal
1Harry Phelps120120120000360
2Lance Pinto1406596000301
3Jon Pellicane8063140000283
4Tommy Allen10076103000279
5Jason Oldfield9610061000257
6Kirk Parry808260000222
7Doug Lynden631400000203
8Vince Gregoire626165000188
9Jerry Stoutenberg656060000185
10Nick Akoury61800000141
11Len Oleksy60080000140
Tony Fabiano60080000140
13Matt Costabile006200062