Super Rod cars race on a 9.90 standard (6.40 for eighth-mile tracks) using a heads-up, .4-second Pro Tree. Reserved for full-body cars with full fenders, hood, grille, top, windshield, and functional doors. Bumpers optional. Grille may be replaced by flat panel. Left-hand-steering street roadsters permitted. Open-wheel altereds, dragsters, Funny Cars, and motorcycles prohibited. All rules per Super Rod in the IHRA Rulebook apply except there is no minimum weight requirement.

  • All-run field
  • Tech inspection to be completed by track prior to qualifying runs
  • WNYSRA, Tread City Tire & Wheel, and Race Sponsor decals must be displayed on both sides of race car for the entire event.
    • A competitor who fails to display the WNYSRA or Tread City Tire & Wheel decals for an entire event will forfeit 20% of their winnings for that event.
    • A competitor who wins an event or prize (e.g. Best Winning Package) and fails to display the sponsor’s decals for that event or prize for the entire event will forfeit all money or prizes posted by that sponsor for the event.
  • 2 Qualifying runs, weather permitting
    • The best qualifying run by a competitor will be used to determine their qualifying position
    • Additional time trials at the discretion of the track
      • Time trials not made during sanctioned WNYSRA qualifying sessions do NOT count towards official qualifying order
  • Ladder beginning with 1st round based on qualifying
    • If a competitor does not make a qualifying run, they will be placed at the bottom of the ladder
      • If more than one competitor does not make a qualifying run, the order of these competitors will be determined by the current series points standings.
        • If the order of non-qualified competitors cannot be determined by the current series points standings, a coin toss will be used.
  • Lane choice for the entire event goes to the higher qualified driver
  • Courtesy staging in effect
    • Deep staging not permitted
  • Competitors on a bye run are considered the winner once they stage their vehicle under its own power and receive the start signal or are declared the winner by the official starter.
  • Anytime it has been judged that excessive braking has resulted in loss of control that results in contact with track equipment, or that puts another competitor at risk, INCLUDING PAST THE FINISH LINE, the contestant will be disqualified.
  • If a scheduled event cannot be completed for any reason prior to the first round of eliminations being complete, every attempt will be made to reschedule that event at the same track on a later date.  If the same venue is not available, the event may be rescheduled to another venue, depending on availability.
    • If a minimum of one round of competition is complete, the race is considered complete and payouts will be made UNLESS there are 4 or less cars remaining AND it is not the last event of the season
      • If 4 or less cars are remaining and it is NOT the last event of the season, then the remaining cars in competition will finish eliminations at the NEXT race
    • If a round of eliminations is not completed in its entirety prior to racing being halted (rainout, etc.), then the competition ladder will revert back to the start of that round of competition, and points / payouts will then be awarded appropriately.
  • Payouts will be made at the WNYSRA competition trailer.  Time permitting, we will attempt to accommodate payout requests prior to the completion of eliminations.  Otherwise, payouts will be made at the completion of eliminations.

If for any reason you have a problem with any aspect of the WNYSRA, please bring it to the attention of the Series Director, immediately.  The WNYSRA believes in trustworthiness, integrity, honesty, fairness, and respect for opponents and officials.  As such, any conduct deemed contradictory to these values or detrimental to the WNYSRA will NOT BE TOLERATED and could lead to disciplinary action.

Disciplinary action for rule infractions:

  • First offense – Disqualification from Event
  • Second offense – 1 year suspension
  • Third offense – Lifetime suspension